Hillary Clinton’s Press Secretary Now a “House of Cards” Producer

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Hillary Clinton’s press secretary for her 2008 presidential campaign, Jay Carson, is now a producer for the Netflix series “House of Cards”. This should come as no surprise to “House of Cards” creator, Lord Dobbs, who recently said one of the show’s protagonists, Claire Underwood, most resembled Hillary Clinton. As Dobbs put it, “I’m fascinated by Hillary of course, because she comes with so much baggage”.

As Dobbs was hinting at, his comparison isn’t a flattering one: the show portrays Claire Underwood as a ruthless opportunist much like her husband, Frank Underwood, who is POTUS in the Netflix series. The Underwoods are portrayed as almost reflexively betraying personal friends, lovers and colleagues and as committing crimes as far as murder in their quest for political power.

Carson also served as Communications Director for the Clinton Foundation and is currently in charge of the marketing & communications practice of Bloomberg Associates, former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg’s international consulting service.

Dobbs’ disdain for Clinton notwithstanding, the Clinton machine does not seem to be wearing down: Clinton’s daughter was not long ago promoted to vice chairwoman of their influential Clinton Foundation. In the interview in which he likened Hillary Clinton to Claire Underwood, Dobbs also remarked, “It is bizarre that the system that was bred out of [rejection of a King] has produced the Bushes, the Kennedys, the Clintons, the Roosevelts….”

The dominance of political dynasties notwithstanding, Jeb Bush was soundly defeated by Donald Trump in the Republican primary, calling into question the longevity of the Bush dynasty. Then again, Donald Trump himself is a scion of a real estate family empire, having inherited it from his father Fred Trump. Political dynasties are seemingly here to stay in the US.

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