Sanders: ‘We Can Pull Off One of the Major Political Upsets in US History’

2016 02 22 1456172662 1597066 BernieSanders thumb
2016 02 22 1456172662 1597066 BernieSanders thumb

Following Sen. Sanders’ surprise win in Indiana last night, the Democratic challenger proclaimed:

I understand that secretary Clinton thinks this campaign is over, I’ve got some bad news for her. Tonight we won a great victory in Indiana. Next week we are going to be in West Virginia. We think we have a real shot to win in that great state. And then we’re going to Kentucky and we’re going to Oregon. And we think we have a pretty good chance to win there as well. ”

He continued:

I sense some great victories coming, and I think that while the path is narrow, and I don’t deny that for a moment, I think we can pull off one of the major political upsets in the history of the United States. 

Sen. Sanders trails 1,361 to Secretary Clinton’s 1,682 pledged delegates. Clinton also has a sizable lead in so-called super-delegates. Yet, Sanders maintains he can win through a contested convention.

“It’s virtually impossible for Secretary Clinton to reach the majority of convention delegates by June 14 with pledged delegates alone,” Sen. Sanders said earlier this week.

“The evidence is extremely clear that I would be the stronger candidate to defeat Trump or any other Republican,” the Senator continued.

A recent Rasmussen poll shows Trump leading Hillary by 2 points nationally, though most recent polls show her ahead of Trump, though by a slimmer margin than Sen. Sanders.

Former Green Party candidate Ralph Nader supports Sanders pledge to run all the way to the convention.

“Why should Bernie Sanders drop out? There could be a scandal with Hillary Clinton,” Nader said.

“He made a good point, Bernie, when he said he wants to go all the way to the convention so everyone — ending up in California — every voter can have a right to vote for the candidate of their choice,” he continued.

Nader says Sanders would have had a much better chance at being the Democratic nominee if more primaries were open to independents.

Nader also said that if he is unable to defeat Clinton, he will have little luck influencing the Democrats national platform.

“He’s going to ask for a lot of things that he’s not going to get,” Nader told C-SPAN. “He’ll get a prime-time spot, but he’ll ask for $15 minimum wage, he’ll ask for universal health insurance, he’ll ask for breaking up the big banks. He’s not going to get anything”

Nader continued, “That’s the tradition in the Democratic Party. Once the vanquished goes to the convention, they are really vanquished. And they just get in line, shut up and praise the nominee.”

Yet, Nader believes Sanders will be unlikely to play “sheep dog” for the democrats.

“I think he can go all over the country supporting Democratic candidates for election, and I think he’s very reluctant to lend his credibility to Hillary’s incredibility,” the Senator stated.

“I think what he has to do next is lead a civic movement. He’s got to have a big rally on the Mall and he’s got to take his agenda and say we want to press all the parties, all the candidates, from national to local to turn this country in the right direction of fair play and sustainable productivity,” Nader said.

“If he does that, he’ll be relatively independent. He won’t be seen as a toady following Clinton, Hillary Clinton, if she wins. He’s got a lot of agonizing decisions to make, but he’s also got a huge base of support and the things that count very high in the polls.”

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