Initial-At any time Chicks Born at San Diego Zoo’s African Penguin Colony

First Ever Chicks Born at San Diego Zoos African Penguin Colony
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The two new penguin chicks at the Dan and Vi McKinney Penguin Habitat, found within Conrad Prebys’ Africa Rocks exhibit. Picture by Ken Bohn / San Diego Zoo World wide

Two fluffy chicks named Doug and Barbara are the first to be hatched from eggs laid by the San Diego Zoo‘s colony of endangered African penguins, the zoo announced Wednesday.

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The chicks, named after Douglas G. Myers, president and CEO of San Diego Zoo World, and his wife Barbara, are now two months old and in superior wellbeing.

Soon immediately after hatching, animal treatment workers commenced working with the chicks to get them made use of to human interaction. Keepers stated this early fingers-on coaching is essential to delivering powerful care for the birds, and the children will be reintroduced into the colony within the future couple weeks.

“Doug and Barbara are sweet, incredible birds, and we want them to come to feel secure,” reported Debbie Denton, a keeper at the zoo. “We operate with them whilst they are younger because it aids them be relaxed close to us when we feed them, do health checks, or change their title bands.”

The African penguin is shown as endangered on the Global Union for Conservation of Nature‘s “red list” of threatened species. As soon as one of southern Africa’s most abundant seabirds, the species has suffered a enormous populace decline—from an believed 1 million breeding pairs to only 23,000 nowadays

Historically, penguin eggs and guano have been commercially harvested, which experienced a devastating result on the population. Despite the fact that each tactics were abolished towards the finish of the 20th century, other threats—including a absence of conveniently available food stuff due to overfishing, local weather improve, oil and marine pollution, the emergence of avian influenza A virus, habitat degradation and predation by seals, sharks and land-based predators—contribute to a continuing populace decline.

The zoo’s penguin breeding application was founded to enable this endangered species survive.

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