35 Hilarious Tweets About Social Media Fails

35 Hilarious Tweets About Social Media Fails
1563311179 35 Hilarious Tweets About Social Media Fails

Social media is a excellent and beneficial tool in several methods. It’s also Incredibly dangerous.

Did I when unintentionally double-faucet a 116-week-old Instagram article from a man I’d been viewing whilst scrolling down his profile with a co-worker? Certain. Did he instantly text to simply call me out for it? Yep! Was it uncomfortable AF? You betcha.

It is way too quick to humiliate your self (and maybe even jeopardize elements of your lifetime) by sending an accidental friend request to the man or woman scheduled to interview you for a occupation, publishing a raunchy picture you intended to DM, liking a Venmo payment involving your ex and some new lady he’s viewing, or tweeting stated girl’s title when you imagined you have been typing it in the look for bar.

If you have ever ashamed yourself on social media, just know that you’re not on your own. And thankfully we can giggle about all those deadly mistakes. Here are 35 funny tweets about social media fails.

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